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Where is the 'South Newnham Neighbourhood' Area?

Following discussions with Cambridge City Planning officers and with the original members of the steering group, it was decided to define an area that was small enough to be manageable and that 'felt' like a neighbourhood.


It does not include the whole of Newnham Ward, or any part of Grange Road.   '


The South Newnham Neighbourhood Area includes:-


All streets south of Barton Road; the north side of Barton Road; the streets leading off of Barton Road, i.e. Clare Road, St Mark's Court, Champney's Walk, Barton Close and Gough Way, and including the Cambridge Rugby Club and Pembroke College playing fields to the south, and Lammas Land and Sheep's Green to the west. (See map.)

If a Neighbourhood Plan is successfully adopted, it can be shared with other parts of Newnham and other neighbourhoods in the city if people there would like to do the same.

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