What is 'Neighbourhood Planning'?  
Process for Making the South Newnham Neighbourhood Plan
  • Run initial community-wide workshops (completed 2018)
  • Feed back results to mailing lists after each workshop (completed)
  • Circulate via all letterboxes a document outlining basis for 'mission' and 'objectives' to the whole community to get feedback (completed Jan 2018)
  • Create a first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan defining a vision for South Newnham and listing the key (draft) planning policies to help achieve that vision (completed March 2019).
  • Solicit feedback from Forum members, (completed April 2019).
  • Produce next draft, incorporating feedback received to date and advice from the external consultant, the city planners and the Council's Sustainability Officer(completed October 2019).
  • Receive Consultation comments on the Neighbourhood Plan (October - November 2019).
  • Commence work on "Statement of Conditions" and "Consultation Statement"  (commenced December 2019)
  • Revise the Neighbourhood Plan to incorporate comments from Consultants (commenced February 2020)
  • Revise Evidence Base to incorporate Consultation comments (commenced February 2020)
  • Invite community to presentations and discussion of the Plan and seek feedback.
  • Produce next draft, incorporating feedback from community.
  • Submit to City Council and the National Planning Inspectorate.
  • After several more steps, there will be a formal referendum on the Plan.