Some key points for House Owners and Potential Developers:

If you are thinking of extending/changing your home or developing a site in South Newnham, there are some basic things to consider before  spending time and money on architects and builders.

The Local Plan  [

These are the policies on which the Planning Officers will base their decision when determining your application, so you will need to take them into account.


In particular, look at Section 7-Policies 55, 56, 57,58,59, 61, 62, 63, 66, 67, 69, 70 and 71.


Conservation Areas

If your property is in a Conservation Area, the relevant Conservation Area Appraisal will be important.


The Conservation Officer is a statutory consultee on planning applications in Conservation Areas, and will comment on whether plans are appropriate or not in this particular context. 

It is important that your architect is familiar with these documents and all of their policies, and if you live in a Conservation Area, it is worth also commissioning a 'Design & Access' statement to go with the plans. Such a document sets out more details than can be conveyed by simple plan drawings, and demonstrates that you have taken context and the Conservation Area appraisal into consideration. It can also help explain any practical aspects of your application, e.g. how you envisage the works proceeding in an orderly manner that minimises noise and disturbance for your neighbours.


Consulting with neighbours

Engaging with the community at an early stage is part of the process described in the National Planning Policy Framework, and open discussion with neighbours about your initial ideas is of key importance. Planning Officers consider all comments submitted by local residents, so gaining support from the beginning makes for a much smoother process.


Looking at other applications in your area can show what are likely to be the key points you need to consider when drawing up your plans. These can be viewed on the Council's 'Planning Portal'

​Consider meeting with a Planning Officer and, if relevant, a Conservation Officer, to gain more knowledge about what is allowed in your area.



The Forum may be able to provide advice if you are thinking of extending your house or developing a site in South Newnham, or you are affected by a planning application, Members are not planning experts but have built up some experience of Cambridge's planning process and may be able to offer some suggestions, particularly if your property is in a Conservation Area. 

Conservation Areas

The Neighbourhood Area is affected by two Conservation Areas, West Cambridge and Newnham Croft.  


























For maps and area appraisals click on the links below:-

Planning Applications

The Forum receive weekly lists of planning applications submitted to the City Council and these are forwarded out to all Forum members to allow them to comment on applications within the Neiighbourhood Area. These comments are collated by the committee and forwarded onto the Case Officer responsible for the application.

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