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Forum 'designated' by Cambridge City Council

Following the close of a 6 week-consultation, the Council considered all comments received. A report was prepared for the Development Plan Sub-Committee, on Wednesday 22 March 2017, where the formal designation decisions were approved by the Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Transport without amendments.  

Thank you once again to the people of South Newnham, for all of your help in achieving this major accomplishment.

Where is 'South Newnham'?

Following discussions with Cambridge City Planning officers and with the original members of the steering group, it was decided to define an area that was small enough to be manageable and that 'felt' like a neighbourhood. It does not include the whole of Newnham Ward, or any part of Grange Road.   'South Newnham' includes:


all streets south of Barton Road; the north side of Barton Road; the streets leading off of Barton Road, i.e. Clare Road, St Mark's Court, Champney's Walk, Barton Close and Gough Way, and including the Cambridge Rugby Club and Pembroke College playing fields to the south, and Lammas Land and Sheep's Green to the west. (See map.)

If a Neighbourhood Plan is successfully adopted, it can be shared with other parts of Newnham and other neighbourhoods in the city if people there would like to do the same.

Would you like to join your Neighbourhood  Forum?

The Forum is looking for people who may not have a lot of time to offer, but who are interested in their community, have life and/or professional skills to offer, and would like to get a bit more involved as the Neighbourhood Plan is developed.  

Please just send an email request for an application form. The address is: southnewnhamforum@gmail.com

Who is on the Forum?

Questions?  Contact:


Currently there are 45 members of the Neighbourhood Forum.

Officers for 2019-20 are: Chair, Lynn Hieatt; Co-Chair, Jean Glasberg; Treasurer, Jean Bevan; Secretary, Fiona Crawford. Other members of the Management Committee are: Hugh Clough, Andrew Whitaker and Roger Smith.

If you would like the full list of the Forum members, email at southnewnhamforum@gmail.com  

Process for Making the
South Newnham Neighbourhood Plan
  • Run initial community-wide workshops (completed 2018)
  • Feed back results to mailing lists after each workshop (completed)
  • Circulate via all letterboxes a document outlining basis for 'mission' and 'objectives' to the whole community to get feedback (completed Jan 2018)
  • Create a first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan defining a vision for South Newnham and listing the key (draft) planning policies to help achieve that vision (completed March 2019).
  • Solicit feedback from Forum members, (completed April 2019).
  • Produce next draft, incorporating feedback received to date and advice from the external consultant, the city planners and the Council's Sustainability Officer (current task). (completed October 2019).
  • Invite community to presentations and discussion of the Plan (c. October 2019), and seek feedback.
  • Produce next draft, incorporating feedback from community.
  • Submit to City Council and the National Planning Inspectorate.
  • After several more steps, there will be a formal referendum on the Plan.
Thank you
Thank you to the Cambridge City Council Planning Team for advice, and for providing large-scale maps of the area to use in the 2017/18 community workshops.
Thank you to The Scout Hut, the Red Bull pub and Wolfson College for providing rooms for the Workshops.
Thanks to everyone in the community who is helping put this together by contributing their ideas and helping on the practical side.


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