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Past Community Engagement Activity

Community Workshops 2016/2017.


Three community workshops were held in 2016/2017 and people clearly expressed what they valued about their community and what they would like to see retained and what improved.  Topics covered in the workshops were:

Workshop 1: Getting to Know your Community including sustainability appraisal, which was held in two sessions.


Workshop 2: Plotting walkable catchment area and principles of good placemaking

SNNP Workshop1a_edited.jpg
Workshop 1_edited.jpg
SNNP Workshop1b.jpg

Workshop 3:  Popular Building Types.

At the end of the workshop 3 “five essential qualities of place” were agreed.

These were:-

  1. Mix of Housing Styles,

  2. Attractive Architectural Details

  3. Connectivity,

  4. Town/Country Interface,

  5. Sense of Community. 

Development of a “Vision” for the South Newnham Neighbourhood

From the three community workshops that were held for South Newnham residents in 2016 and 2017, seven headings were drafted that could form part of an overall Vision Statement, and in January and February 2018 the Forum leafletted the neighbourhood community with a form setting out the headings and inviting comment and feedback.  872 paper forms were distributed to South Newnham households and the initiative advertised on notice boards and via e-newsletters to Newnham Croft Primary School parents and members of residents’ associations.  100 completed forms were returned, with 97 saying “yes” to the question “Do the headings describe the aims you would support from your neighbourhood?”  The responses were analysed, and the headings revised and consolidated to form the Neighbourhood Plan Vision Statement. 

The headings in 2018 informed and provided the founding basis for the Vision Statement in the 2023 NP:

 “The Vision for South Newnham neighbourhood is one in which a balance exists between our natural environment, our economic and social infrastructure, and our mix and style of housing stock, supporting the transition to a low, and ultimately zero carbon society and making South Newnham a great place to live both now and for future generations.

  • The natural environment of our neighbourhood is protected and enhanced to increase its biodiversity and be sustainable.

  • A network of safe, car-free routes exists for walking and cycling that are in harmony with our environment.

  • The economic and social infrastructure is characterised by retail activities and community facilities that are local enterprises of energy and dynamism meeting the needs of residents for day-to-day shopping and social needs.

  • The mix of types and styles of housing stock with its distinct local character and heritage protected and enhanced provides a balanced supply which meets the needs of the neighbourhood’s residents at all stages of life.”


Consultation during re-designation of Forum.  As part of the consultation for the re-designation of the Forum, two drop-in events were held on 28th May and 11th June, 2022 at Newnham Croft Sports and Social Club and attended by members of the public.  Sections of the Neighbourhood Plan, including the proposed policies, maps and extracts from the Evidence Base were displayed and members were on hand to answer questions. 

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